Denver Psychotherapy located in Denver Colorado: LoDo, Uptown, Highlands, Congress Park, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Park Hill, & Cherry Creek

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Welcome to a judgment-free and emotionally safe space, where compassion, respect, and unconditional positive support is central to our therapeutic approach.  If you are reading these words then perhaps you are feeling frustrated, anxious, inadequate, or alone.  Or maybe you are struggling to build a healthy relationship, dealing with a recent break-up, or simply wanting to learn how to get more out of your connections with others. 

Our approach to psychotherapy is humanistic with an emphasis on deriving existential or contextual meaning from all life events.  We believe that each one of us, regardless of our history or background, is worthy of genuine happiness through the act of self-compassion.  Our process is highly collaborative and involves setting specifically tailored goals based on a series of obtainable objectives.  Together we can address feelings of alienation, loss or unfairness; develop a stronger awareness of your emotional environment; build stronger more effective communication skills with others; work on personal challenges that may currently seem overwhelming; and improve your relationship with your self, as well as with others.


Individual therapy is custom-tailored to your specific needs using a therapeutic approach based on your own core-values vs. those of the therapist.


Couples or Family Counseling, also known as Relationship Counseling to include alternative relationships, is an approach where all members in the family unit are given equal consideration.


Group Counseling or Group Therapy offers the opportunity to connect with other individuals who are struggling with similar challenges in a safe and respectful environment.